Relying on the cornerstones of a small entrepreneurial activity that has started many years ago and consolidated in 1983, what our company re-proposes are the values ​​of the past but in a simple way. Our goal is to offer the quality, the care and passion used by its first founder.

That's why the roasting and the processing of our main products such as peanuts, pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and lupins are appreciated since the first taste. We transform our products in the respect of the environment, observing a sequence of operations aimed at ensuring the fragrance and integrity of the product over time.

Over the years, with the only activity of selling and processing dried and exotic fruits and legumes, we have enriched our business with different foodstuffs: gummy candies, sweets, chocolate, assorted snacks and typical products of our bell country. These and other more are just some of the reasons that let us be seen by others as exclusively representatives of company well known in this sector.

Day after day we try to offer to our customers kindness and transparency. Our invitation is to be more environmentally friendly and more and more oriented to the choice of our specialities.

With the wish of a good tasting of our products, Aliments Srl - quality dried fruit - greets you cordially.

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